We are one of the leaders on the Czech market in the field of reprofiling and profiling of diamond tools. Thanks to the large number of profiled blades, we are able to offer guaranteed the best prices and conditions on the market. We return the original profile to diamond blades directly at our factory using the most modern, computer-controlled technology. A computer-controlled process protects the diamond beans from damage, resulting in an excellent blade surface. Each tool is precisely balanced before shipment for efficient and reliable performance in your operation. If desired, each disc can be revived with a sharpening stone to achieve optimal grinding performance immediately after putting it on the line. We profile discs from all manufacturers, in any bond and roughness. Thanks to the latest technology, we are able to profile a large number of discs in a short time.

We are following up on the long-term work of Mr. Kreml from Diaservis, where thanks to long-term cooperation and very good relationships we can benefit from his experience in the development of gentle and accurate electroprofiling on CNC machines. We are further developing its procedures and expanding both in terms of capacity and technology.

We offer both standard “V” and “C” shapes as well as a wide range of special profiles.

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AMIRRO, s.r.o.
Křižíkova 1859 (areál Kovohutě)
250 88 Čelákovice

Tel: +420 326 997 386
Fax: +420 326 995 660
e-mail: info@amirro.cz

ID: 2510650
registered at the Municipal Court in Prague,
Section C, Insert 52239

Project: PVZ of AMIRRO employees
Reg. No.: CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/19_097/0013322

The project is aimed at further training of Amirro employees. Education will take place in the following areas: soft and managerial skills, general IT, language training, accounting, economic and legal courses, technical and other professional training.


The education project is co-financed by the European Social Fund.