Our company has almost all technologies for processing flat glass and mirrors. Especially CNC shape cutting and edge processing, straight and shape faceting, grinding and polishing of edges in various profiles, CNC engraving, drilling, milling of cut-outs and holes, sandblasting, screen printing, gluing of furniture metal parts with UV glue, laser motifs, etc. In 2022, we enriched our machinery with an Intermac CNC machining center. You can see our products HERE.


On the cutting tables our production begins. We use three cutting tables simultaneously, two for large-capacity cutting of serial orders and the third for the preparation of special piece orders. In addition to classic straight cutting, we also use CNC shape cutting, which allows cuts shapes such as wavelets, ellipses, circles and more. We cut all glass materials up to the thickness of 19 mm. In total, we hold 100 tons of material in stock, silver mirror with a thickness of 2 – 6 mm, float glass 2 – 19 mm, some types of optiwhite glass, coloured lacobel glass, smoked glass (grey or bronze), bronze and grey mirror, satinato glass (matelux), other materials are ordered according to customer requirements.


The basic method of glass or mirror processing is grinding. It gives the edges of the product a slightly satined, matte look. The edge can have a rounded shape, so-called. C-edge or straight with small beveled edges – the so-called trapezoidal edge, or V-edge. We offer both versions. For grinding we use one-sided and double-sided grinders, which are suitable for large-scale production. For grinding of shaped products (circles, ellipses, ovals, waves…) we use CNC machining centers.

Trapezoidal edge    C-edge


If the customer requires, we can machine the ground edge with polishing discs. The edge then shines beautifully. Again, we can offer it in C-edge and trapezoidal design. A specialty we can offer is a ground edge with a polished front steam.


Facet – by grinding and polishing the edge of the mirror or glass diagonally at an angle of 4 – 20° in a width of 5 – 50 mm, an optical effect of the frame is created by changing the angle of reflection. We can facet not only straight mirrors and glasses, but also shaped ones – circles, portals, etc. In addition, the customer can choose from ground or polished residual edge of the facet. 

CNC machining, milling and engraving

For the production of more complex shaped products, we use Intermac and Bavelloni CNC machining centers In addition to grinding and polishing straight and special shaped glass, we can also mill holes in the mirror or glass – e.g. holes for drawers or a cut-out for the chimney on the glass under the stove. We can also cut various shapes into glass. It is a so-called engraving – grinding a groove (grooves, “rily”) on glass or mirror, which can be of different profile, width, can only be cut or polished.


We have drills for glass with diameters: 3 – 32 mm, 35, 36, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45, 47, 50, 52, 55, 60, 70, 73, 75, 80, 90 and 100 mm. It is not a problem to provide and use another one if necessary.


At present, mirrors with integrated LED lighting are very popular with customers. From the back of the mirror by sandblasting we remove the layer of varnish and silver, the frosted glass remains, through which the LED lighting shines beautifully. Most often these are backlit stripes, based on vector-processed assets (files with . DXF and . DWG), however, we can sand and various shapes.


Using laser technology, we can engrave various logos or fine sensor switches into the mirror.

Screen printing

A popular way of decorating mirrors is to print the motif directly on the glass. For these purposes, we use UV printing technology, the advantage of which is the quick drying / baking of the UV colors used for this.


We can assemble our products into their final form for sale to the end customer. Most often, we stick curtains on the mirrors to hang them on the wall, or double-sided adhesive tape for sticking them to the substrate. These products are finally “sealed” into a transparent foil. We also assemble backlit mirrors with IP 65 protection, which typically have an LED strip, a source and a sensor or other switch, which we pack in cardboard boxes.

Bonding of mirrors, safety foils and hinges

For manufacturers of box mirrors we produce glued double-sided mirrors, including a glued adapter for the hinge. Another requirement of our customers is the production of mirrors with a safety foil, which we stick on the back of the mirror and in the event of a mirror breakage, this foil prevents the mirror from spilling out and holds it together. We also use UV bonding technology for gluing glass furniture.


Since our products are very fragile, it is important to always pack them tightly to prevent damage. Our joiners have experience with this – starting with the production of a wooden frame for sending mirrors in pieces and ending with the production of wooden A-pallets for sending a larger number of custom-made glass or mirrors.

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